You’re Moving? Awesome, We Have You Covered

Moving can be an incredibly difficult task, and there are all kinds of companies to help. Whether you are moving nationwide or locally, there are quite a few options for professional movers if you decide you don’t want to do it yourself. One thing that is an unsaid requirement is to have your moving company certified by Transtar Moving. Click here to go to their site,

There are many reasons why Transtar Moving is an unsaid requirement, but the most important is because the American Moving and Storage Association launched a consumer protection and certification program that became Transtar Moving. This protects all consumers from con artists who are looking to make money at the expense of a helpless individual. Transtar Moving separates reputable movers from these con artists. Visit this site to read more about Transtar Moving’s quality assurance as well as their reputability: 

In addition to Transtar Moving, there is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA. They are in charge of Commercial Driver’s Licenses, Data and Analysis, Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement, Research and Technology, and Safety Assistance. They also make sure that the list compiled by Transtar Moving has reputable movers as well as having other moving companies. Go online to this site and read more about what their mission is, as well as what else they do: 

Even though moving can be an immensely huge and difficult task, there are groups that can help. Transtar Moving and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are two groups that make sure consumers are safe and secure while moving, and should be researched and used before moving. Other moving companies can be found on sites such as Angie’s List, but again, make sure to cross-check them with the databases in Transtar Moving and the FMCSA.